Big Ideas and Questions

This section includes the key ideas that underpin the topic in the module. It also includes questions that support an inquiry stance about teacher-parent relationships; encourages independent and collaborative reflection; and provides a springboard for independent or collaborative professional reflection about the module’s focus.

Big Idea Bulb

Big Ideas

  • Parent involvement and engagement can evolve over time.
  • Parent involvement in school councils and other formal structures works best when it is authentic and when parents can see their voice has an impact on school decision-making.
  • Parents and guardians can and should play an important role in supporting their children at home and in volunteering at school as students age.
  • Parents have human capital and are valuable human resources which can be enlisted to support classroom teachers with various school activities and functions.

Bid Idea Question Mark


  • How can we foster and support parent engagement in their children’s school life and learning?
  • How do we ensure that parent involvement in the school council and other formal structures is meaningful?
  • How do we encourage and maintain high levels of parent engagement and volunteerism as students progress though the school years?
  • How do we enlist parents and guardians to support school events, activities and functions that build their capacity over time to become even more effective partners in the school?