Statements and Quotations

This section lists all the direct quotations used in the module to foster initial thinking about the thrust of the module.

“Parent engagement is important to student success. Involving families and community members in education contributes to student achievement, their well-being and helps develop a strong vibrant community. Parent and family opinions are critical sources of information for decision-making in schools.”

Council of Ontario Directors of Education. (2012 p.24). Planning parent engagement: A guidebook for parents and schools.  Retrieved from

“Parent engagement takes many different forms as it continues to evolve in our schools and boards and as it responds to local needs and circumstances.”

Ontario Ministry of Education. (2010, p. 27). Parents in partnership: A parent engagement policy for Ontario schools. Retrieved from

“Whether or not parents choose to become involved in supporting their child’s school depends on a number of factors including their own personal and cultural experiences of school, the nature of their working lives and the degree to which the school genuinely seeks to engage them in clear and accessible language.”

Centre for Real-World Learning. (2010, Spring, p. 5). The impact of parent engagement on learner success: A digest of research for teachers and parents. Research into practice. Retrieved from