Big Ideas and Questions

This section includes the key ideas that underpin the topic in the module. It also includes questions that support an inquiry stance about teacher-parent relationships; encourages independent and collaborative reflection; and provides a springboard for independent or collaborative professional reflection about the module’s focus.

Big Ideas

  • Taking time to get to know students and their parents and guardians benefits everyone, especially students.
  • Creating and nurturing effective partnerships and relationships between home and school lessens the likelihood of misunderstandings taking root or conflicts erupting.
  • Surfacing or exploring parents’ and students’ ideas, beliefs and assumptions about school can help teachers and educators bridge a potential perceptual divide about education and public schooling.


  • As teachers, what are some effective ways to get to know students and parents well?
  • Which strategies are most effective for promoting positive, healthy relationships with parents and guardians?
  • How might we frame questions to help uncover parents’ and guardians’ beliefs and assumptions about formal education?