Statements and Quotations

This section lists all the direct quotations used in the module to foster initial thinking about the thrust of the module.

“A parent engagement policy that supports positive links through thoughtful, concrete actions contributes to a general awareness that all parents and families are welcomed at schools.  Such awareness encourages a sense of connectedness, community, ownership, and belonging.”


Ontario Ministry of Education. (2010b, p. 12). Parents in partnership: A parent engagement policy for Ontario schools. Retrieved from

“Successful teachers create relationships with students and parents by sharing themselves: their time, their expertise,…and [their] interpersonal resources….And the more they can relate to you – as both a professional leader and a person – the easier it is for them to trust you, relax their fears about failure, and engage in the school.”

Ridnouer, K. (2011, p. 107). Everyday engagement: Making students and parents your partners in learning. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

“Research clearly indicates that good schools become better schools when they are strongly connected with parents as part of the learning community.”

Ontario Ministry of Education. (2010b, p.7). Parents in partnership: A parent engagement policy for Ontario schools. Retrieved from