Big Ideas and Questions

This section includes the key ideas that underpin the topic in the module. It also includes questions that support an inquiry stance about teacher-parent relationships; encourages independent and collaborative reflection; and provides a springboard for independent or collaborative professional reflection about the module’s focus.

Big Idea Bulb

Big Ideas

  • Parents and guardians can only lend their support when they are kept informed in a timely manner, especially if students are not progressing as expected or have not submitted key evidence of their learning that would enable them to move to the next level.
  • Communication with parents can be made for positive reasons and not just when there are potential or existing challenges in the classroom or school.
  • It is important that teachers and parents hold similar interpretations or understandings about situations or issues before constructive problem-solving can occur.

Bid Idea Question Mark


  • Which strategies, when used thoughtfully by teachers, are most effective at establishing open channels of communication between home and school?
  • When might it be most productive to initiate ‘good news’ communication with parents and guardians? When might it be most useful to surface challenges or problems?
  • How can both traditional or formal (e.g. school “open houses” and “curriculum information nights”) and other informal opportunities be adapted to better address parents’ questions and needs?