Statements and Quotations

This section lists all the direct quotations used in the module to foster initial thinking about the thrust of the module.

“Communication is essential to building parent engagement. What parents know and perceive about the school depends on what they see, hear and read.”

Ontario Ministry of Education. (2010a, p.19)  Involving parents in the school: Tips for school councils – Get the word out.  Ontario Ministry of Education.  Retrieved from

“Effective communication helps break down barriers by establishing a common language and understanding of student progress, which, in turn, helps to create a culture of high expectations that is shared by students, parents, and educators.”


Ontario Ministry of Education. (2010b, p. 12-13). Parents in partnership: A parent engagement policy for Ontario schools. Ontario Ministry of Education. Retrieved from

“As teachers, we understand that asserting ourselves in a way that communicates our right to be treated with respect and kindness is a vital part of healthy communication. We also recognize that others’ right to be treated with that same respect and kindness is equally important.”

Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions (COPA) & Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF). (2011, p. 85). Creating safe schools: A bullying prevention guide for teachers. Toronto, Canada: COPA/OTF.