Big Ideas and Questions

This section includes the key ideas that underpin the topic in the module. It also includes questions that support an inquiry stance about teacher-parent relationships; encourages independent and collaborative reflection; and provides a springboard for independent or collaborative professional reflection about the module’s focus.

Big Idea Bulb

Big Ideas:

  • Teachers and educators are trained experts in matters of pedagogy and learning but are not clinically trained to recognize, diagnose and treat mental health or any other medical issues.
  • Wellness, well-being and safety are worthy ends for students notwithstanding their significant impact on academic achievement.
  • Teachers and educators can help tackle taboos and stigmas associated with health issues in sensitive and safe ways with parents and guardians.

Bid Idea Question Mark


  • What are appropriate ways teachers can work in concert with parents to support students’ well-being and safety?
  • What credible community and professional resources can teachers encourage parents to consult and draw upon to support the well-being and health of their children?
  • How can teachers and educators support parents and guardians to work through well-being and safety issues in a sensitive, constructive fashion?