Statements and Quotations

This section lists all the direct quotations used in the module to foster initial thinking about the thrust of the module.

“Home, school and community partnerships engage parents, extended family, school staff, child care and family support programs and community groups in a mutually beneficial way to support, enhance and promote opportunities for learning and well-being.”

Ontario Ministry of Education. (2014b). Safe and accepting schools. Retrieved from

“The school is a community comprised of many members: students, teachers, support staff, administrators, parents and guardians and community members. Furthermore, schools are located in a community context, where agencies with relevant expertise or services may exist.”

Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions (COPA) and Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF). (2011, p. 72). Creating safe schools: A bullying prevention guide for teachers. Toronto, Canada: COPA/OTF.

“Educators play an important role in identifying signs of potential mental health problems, [but] they do not work alone. A team approach by the parent(s)/guardian, other school staff, and sometimes specialists from the board and community is imperative in addressing these problems.”

Ontario Ministry of Education. (2013, p. 19). Supporting minds: An educator’s guide to promoting students’ mental health and wellbeing. Retrieved from

“Research and experience has showed that with understanding and co-operation on the part of administrators, teachers, parents and students, a young person’s education does not have to be derailed by a mental illness or mental health problem.”

Canadian Mental Health Association. (2014). Education. Canadian mental health association. Retrieved from