Statements and Quotations

This section lists all the direct quotations used in the module to foster initial thinking about the thrust of the module.

“Conflict occurs from time to time in the normal course of everyone’s career. It is not all counterproductive. Well-managed conflict can help to clarify issues and feelings.”

Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association [Wellington Unit]. (n.d. p. 6). Positive, professional parent teacher relationships.  Retrieved from

“A ‘culture of collaboration’ can help parents and educators to work constructively together to address concerns related to programs and services before they become sources of conflict.”

Ontario Ministry of Education. (2007, p. 17). Shared solutions: A guide to preventing and resolving conflicts regarding programs and services for students with special education needs.  Retrieved from

“Educators are typically skilled at early identification of problems with students.  In today’s climate of increased parent involvement in schools, it is every bit as important to be able to identify early signs of potential problems with parents. It is crucial to respond quickly and knowledgeably to parents’ concerns.”

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO). (n.d., p. 15). Parent-teacher relationships: Putting the pieces together. Toronto, Canada: ETFO.

“Communicating regularly and effectively serves to stave off interactions that have the potential to derail your efforts to both teach students and engage parents.”

Ridnouer, K. (2011, p. 48-49). Everyday engagement: Making students and parents your partners in learning. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.